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Sunny San Diego and all that jazz

Hi All,

So, I’m sitting here in sunny San Diego, attending an international Biotech Convention for the week. It’s supposed to be a work week but it really is fantastic that I get to spend it in a city I used to live in and see so many of my old friends. I’m running on very limited sleep as I try to see everyone I can when I have free time away from work. I smarted up though, and scheduled things in advance with everyone I wanted to see so as to ensure quality time spent with my good friends. I’m realizing that posting something on Facebook that you’re in town, gets you nowhere because generally people either don’t see it, or still assume you’ll call them.

It’s been a great feeling coming back to San Diego this time around though. It’s been over 6 months since I’ve visited, and so much has changed since the last time I was here. And when I say changed I mean so much has changed about me. I feel like an adult coming back to her childhood home. I think a year ago I would have visited my old stomping grounds and felt very intimidated and worried if people still liked me, or if they moved on from the buzz of “Drake’s humor”. I think everyone has that fear…of fading away, and not being relevant anymore.

Mainly because it’s true. Once you move away, you’re basically “out of sight out of mind”. Everyone moves on, their lives continue, and you become less important. I don’t say that cynically, I say that realistically.

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